Confession: I really lost faith with Stephen King’s writing after his accident. Seemed as if he was publishing his grocery list and not really trying. But his last several books have, in my mind, have utterly redeemed him as the King Of Horror.
Confession: I’m about to finish reading The Stand, and I’ve got this need to know where Jess is! I need to know what happened to him! This is a great book, I don’t know why I find Randall and Lloyd more interesting and attractive, but I need to know about Jess.
Confession: When I was in grade school, I did a book report on The Cycle of the Werewolf.
Confession: The Stand is my go to book. I read it at least once a year and have for 20+ years. But whenever I read it people around me seem to get sick.
Confession: I wish I could be Carrie’s friend because every one at my school hates me!
More confessions are queued!
Confession: I think I want to name my kid Carrie or Christine.

I know I am behind on confessions - will post them ASAP!

Anonymous whispered: Have you read Blaze? If so, what do think?

I have, but it was about seven years ago. I honestly don’t remember what it was even about, other than a kidnapping.


So while making my Carrie poster, I actually made two. This is the other one!